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About Mary Sloane

Mary Sloane has been an Online Marketer for 8 years, after a short-lived retirement. She believes life is to be lived full-out, not from the beach.

She has helped numerous business owners, including network marketers, and a variety of small businesses, both online and off-line.

She loves social media marketing, video marketing, chatbots and StreamYard Live Videos, because that is where you find and how you influence real people.

Mary is currently helping authors, speakers and coaches become Six Figure Instant Influencers and Create Programs that Make a Profound Difference.

Mary’s Coaching Program Guarantees You Will Succeed unless she fires you Mary doesn't charge most of her fees upfront.

She believes that the Risks should be Reversed and is willing to take the risk on charging you only as you make money and she guarantees a 10X return on your entire investment with her.

As an investor Mary knows that getting a 10X return on any investment is very difficult even with her love of start-up businesses

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